Update Text

1 – Login at: https://centeredlacounseling.com/wp-admin/
This link will open in a new window.


When you login, you will be on the dashboard page. All the things you need to update are along the left side in the black menu.


2 – In the bar along the top, click on CENTERED Counseling Los Angeles and click on VISIT SITE. This takes you to the live site.



3 – You will see the site like the public, plus the black bar along the top. Click on OUR TEAM and then select Adriana Uribe’s page.



4 – You should see her page and click EDIT PAGE at the top



5 – The page will look like below. Put your mouse over the text area and click the pencil.



6 – The text box will pop up. Make sure the VISUAL tab (not the TEXT tab) is selected. Make the change and click SAVE CHANGES. FYI, all of these items are single spaced. There is not an empty line between each item (Experience, Location, Languages). If you want double space, you have to press enter twice. You don’t need to know that for this page, but you will in the future.



7 – At this point you have made the changes to the text, but they are not saved. In the top right corner you will see PREVIEW CHANGES. This will open the page in a new tab. If the change looks good, click the tab where you are editing and click UPDATE. UPDATE is the only thing that will save your change.



I have backed up the web page, so don’t worry about messing something up. I will be home tomorrow and able to fix something.