Example #1 – Using the idea of your current site with the new logo and colors. 

Example #1A – Still related to your current site. White background in the header and content area. I didn’t change the color of the footer (area with contact info, hours and social media) which is now dark gray. That can be any color. 

Example # 1B – Different logo. All beige background. Just a link to maps, rather than showing maps. 

Example #1C – Same as #1b, but with some embellishment to the photos. We would use different photos. Just saving time. 

Example #1D – Different logo. Same as #1C, but light blue background for photos. Beige background for locations. 

Example # 1E – Try something new. Beige background on header and on content area. Text to describe what is happening on the site and with the different highlighted items. New photos ($12/image from iStock).

Example #1F – Same as #1e, but with white background for content area. Different photos. Finally realized the address in footer was for one of the offices, so now just email (will go to contact form), and phone #s.

Example #1G – Lighter beige for Individual & family counseling. Different dandelion photo. 

Example # 1H – White background on header and on content area. Light beige bar with Individual & Family… Different logo.

Example #1I – No title bar at top. Different dandelion photo. This example is a live page. All others are just screen shots. You should look at the 2 live pages on phone and computer. Most people will look on phone. 

Example #1J – Something a little different. Live page has 2 rows of photos and all the text is centered, mostly for how it looks on mobile phone.. Those will be different. Just saving time. We can add anything you want to these examples or combine things from different examples. 

Example #1K – Example with tall logo and navigations centered.