Centered Counseling Therapy

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you work on individual goals to improve your mental health with your therapist. You can focus on any area of your life you wish–relationships, mood, addiction, stressful situations, adverse childhood events, trauma, etc. 

Family Therapy

In family therapy, two or more members of a family attend together, set goals together, and work towards the goals together.  This could be caregivers and children, siblings, blended families, etc.  Therapists work to help identify patterns of interaction, problems with hierarchy, and uncover new ways of relating/interacting.

Art Therapy

In art therapy, you will create and explore imagery in session with your art therapist.  This tool can be used to increase self-knowledge, explore areas of focus more deeply, heal trauma wounds, etc. 

Relationship Therapy

In relationship therapy, you and your partner(s) will work together to set goals to improve the quality of your relationship.  It is important to remember, especially in couples counseling that real change takes time. 

Group Therapy

In group therapy, you will join with others focused towards a similar goal.  Group members offer support and provide reflection to assist you with meeting your goals.